I am very satisfied with Staffing Insight. I recently used them for a very challenging search and can attest to the fact that they exceeded my expectations in terms of both the quality of the candidate and the cycle time of the search. I strongly recommend Staffing Insight for your Tri-State area IT talent needs.

- VP, Human Resources - Financial Services company

Staffing Insight promises customer service and from our experiences, the firm delivers. They implement a straightforward and effective less-is-more model—they make efficient use of my time thus creating more value. They continuously deliver exceptional candidates that meet and even exceed my demanding business needs. I am impressed with their fundamental strengths in listening skills and business integrity.

- Clinton, Senior IT Director

Staffing Insight is a great recruiter. They saw the value in my skills and were able to present me to the hiring manager in the best fashion. SI is very good at keeping in touch and providing great insight into the hiring process. I was at ease and never worried they weren't telling me everything I needed to know. I planned to move from Washington, D.C. to the Cincinnati, Ohio area and SI took that in consideration and was able to give me the best outlook and keep me well informed. I recommend Staffing Insight for anyone looking for employment in the Cincinnati area.

- Ryan (Cyber Intel Analyst at Fortune 10 Company)

Staffing Insight is the perfect place to find your dream job. They accompany you to interviews, provide frequent status updates while on contract, and will contact your employer if you have any questions or concerns. Staffing Insight relieves much of the stress while helping you find the right opportunity. They will remain a great resource even after your contract period expires.

- Jesse (BI Developer)

They have a natural knack for understanding a person's career motivations and finding position in-line with their goals and needs. They really take the time to get to know a person before trying to fit them into just any role. I would gladly recommend you speak with them about your career and organizational needs. They'll find the fit that's right for you.

- Project Manager

In working with Staffing Insight, I get the personal focus and dedication from expected by smaller firms along with the delivery of exceptionally qualified candidates typically provided by the big firms.

I don't have time to sift through the flood candidates provided by other firms. Staffing Insight understands that the perfect candidate for me has more than the required technical skills, but also the personal tool kit and leadership characteristics to thrive in my company's culture.

The people at Staffing Insight have the highest degree of ethics and integrity when considering the to other firms I worked with in the past. They truly want me to find the best person to meet my skill and time requirements for the role, even if the do not have the perfect candidate. They are honest and don't play the typical games.

- Jim (VP of Information Technology, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company)

The SI team was amazing! They were able to answer questions, get me in touch with the right people, and stay on top of things throughout the process. They're some of the best I've encountered at finding the right people for the right jobs and vice versa. Everyone I interacted with was courteous and professional and treated me with respect. Couldn't have been a better experience!

Jeff (I.T. Consultant placed on direct hire)

I have worked for many companies in my 30 year career. What sets Staffing Insight apart from others… is simply the culture. They treat you like your family, not an employee #. They are always staying in contact with those of us the field. They do a great job of making sure the consultants stay informed of upcoming changes and promptly engage to resolve any problems. They are always courteous and genuinely care about employees.

They go above and beyond what other big companies do and support their employees unconditionally.

Cathy (Staffing Insight Consultant)